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Calle Los Naranjos, Mz H, Lt 4 / Urb. Los Geranios

We are disciples of Jesus Christ called to serve in the Peru Piura Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Meet the Rasmussens

Get to know President and Sister Rasmussen of the Peru Piura Mission.

Mormons accept the Savior’s invitation to go into the entire world and preach His gospel. (Matt 28:19)  We are missionaries because we want everyone to be able to have the blessings that come from the promise of eternal life with their loved ones.

Young men and women (ages 18-25) are given the opportunity to make an application to serve a full-time mission for the Church. The program is entirely voluntary and self-funded. 

Dan served as a full-time missionary in 1978 and received a call to serve in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission of the Church. He labored for two years in the Caribbean nations of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. He learned Spanish on-the-job and became quite proficient, although he never did shake his gringo accent. During those two years he made eternal friends whom he loves dearly. It was a privilege for him to serve the Lord Jesus Christ as His representative teaching His gospel.

There are now more than eighty five thousand young people serving across the globe.  Dan and Shauna will supervise the work of approximately 200 of these valiant young men and women.  These missionaries come from many different nations to serve the people of Northern Peru.

Our missionaries do not seek to convince people to join the Church. Their mission is to teach the gospel, challenge people to study it with a sincere heart, and invite them to be baptized. Some consider it and decide that it is not right for them at this point in their life. However, hundreds of thousands make the decision to become Mormons themselves each year. Seeing the joy that comes when people embrace the gospel and change their life makes all the sacrifices worthwhile.

Now we have the opportunity to serve full-time again. We are thrilled to be called and know that we can be an influence for good during the next three years.